Laundry detergent has a massive impact on the planet. Let’s change that.

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Tru Earth Laundry Strips

We all want to be as eco-friendly as possible. Let’s face it, nobody wants to live on a planet where the rivers and oceans are inundated with plastic, and where whales, fish and birds are choking on our trash. But at the same time, modern day life is good, isn’t it? Unless we’re willing to adopt an Amish lifestyle, it’s not easy to give up things like running water and electricity, which would mean no internet and no TV, and hence, no Family Guy.

Credit: © Shahar Azran / Polaris Images / East News
Credit: © Shahar Azran / Polaris Images / East News

The simple act of washing our clothes with the average detergent can be terrible for the environment. Regular detergents don’t biodegrade, polluting rivers and oceans with toxic metals, starving fish and other plant life of oxygen and the nutrients they need. Actually, just the act of washing our clothes, even with only water, can be harmful since most modern clothes contains synthetic materials, like microplastics, which also end up in our waterways.

Unfortunately, completely ditching detergent might not be the best idea for the freshness of your wardrobe. That’s why today we’ll focus on being better, if not exactly perfect.

Most cleaning products on today’s market are extremely damaging to the environment. But there’s a new player disrupting the way we look at laundry detergent. Tru Earth is a Vancouver startup offering zero waste laundry strips.

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For one, the strips don’t come in a plastic bottle (as do most detergents). Instead, they’re nestled inside a zero-waste compostable cardboard sleeve. This helps eliminate the hundreds of thousands of plastic jugs that end up in landfills, and often in rivers and oceans, each year.

Whether or not you use hot or cold water, each strip dissolves in your laundry machine, cleaning your clothes without having a profound impact on the environment. Manufactured in Canada, Tru Earth’s ultra-concentrated formula has a 94% lower carbon footprint compared to traditional detergents.

Their products are also vegan. This means they don’t contain animal-based ingredients, nor are they tested on animals.

Tru Earth is more than just a company, it’s a movement. The #TruEarthMovement aims at reducing the negative impact our daily actions have on our planet. Starting with our laundry detergent may seem like a small step, but enough small steps end up turning into big leaps.

So for those who really care about the environment, maybe you can give it a try. If not, there’s always Amish Country.

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