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Making money in your pajamas, easier than you think

Credit: New York Times
Credit: New York Times

The monotony of the 9-5 work routine can be, quite frankly, debilitating and maddening. A huge chunk of modern global citizens either sit in traffic or in a crowded train, during the same hours, every single day… to go somewhere they don’t really want to go, to do something they don’t really want to do, and to see people they don’t really want to see.


But the dynamics of the global market are shifting. Technology is killing jobs… and creating new ones. There’s a new concept that’s becoming more and more commonplace with each passing year, one previously considered unthinkable in the annals of human history: the idea of working from home, on the rug, with no shoes on.

Credit: istock
Credit: istock

Never would our forefathers have imagined our daily commutes to consist of merely a few steps, clad in… whatever we desire.

One of the fastest and easiest ways to enjoy this lifestyle is through affiliate marketing, where regular people help companies market their products online. Companies like Amazon have affiliate programs, but they only offer around 5% commission per sale, nothing to brag about.

By far the best way to make a living through affiliate marketing is with ShareASale, a marketplace for advertising the products of a company (or companies) of your choice. To get started, you’ll want to start your own blog (if you don’t already have one). Then you’ll need to sign up and wait for approval before getting started.

For this to happen you’ll need your own personal email (example: yourname@yourdomain), not or I got my own right here through GDI and was immediately accepted.


If you have your own blog, your own email, and you’re ready to start earning real cash through affiliate marketing, click here to become a part of the Share-a-Sale marketplace, and don’t even think about putting on your shoes.

City Renewables

In 1956 M. King Hubbert rightly predicted that US oil production would reach its peak in 1970, even though it “peaked” with much greater abundance than expected. But the apparent downward spiral of oil reserves has been contradicted in the last ten years, and oil consumption and production has rebounded, leaving the profound question of when, if ever, we will deplete the planet’s oil reserves.

Regardless of how much we can still extract from the Earth, non-renewable energies are extremely detrimental to the health of the planet and our own well-being in so many ways. The burning of fossil fuels is the leading cause of global warming and a significant environmental risk factor in the incidence and progression of asthma, lung cancer, Parkinson’s disease, and low birth rate, among other diseases and complications.

Pixabay at Pexels
Pixabay at Pexels

Indeed, non-renewable energies seem to be far from depleted. But increasing environmental awareness, along with market forces, are turning the tide away from dirty energy.   The world invested 47 billion US dollars in renewable energy in 2004. Within just over a decade that number increased by 600%, to 286 billion USD.

Despite recent setbacks, use of renewable energy is on the rise worldwide. The price of clean energy continues to tumble, and it can now compete, without subsidies, with non-renewable sources. In the U.S, different states offer different tax incentives  for using solar energy. But the prices and benefits can vary from home to home. Fully understanding what choices to make can be a meticulous and time-consuming process.


Luckily there’s an American company called City Renewables which is making that process so much easier, helping customers reap the financial and environmental benefits of solar energy.  Not only can they make sure American homeowners obliterate their electric bill for the next 25 years, they also guide their customers in the collection of the Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC) as well as Solar Renewable Energy Credits.

You can visit their website here and schedule a virtual consultation with City Renewables founder, Benjamin Colbert.

Oil reserves may last a long time, but our environmental and health problems don’t have to share that timeline, because renewable energy is here to stay. Considering all its advantages, let’s take action for the benefit of our future, and our bank accounts.


Wildfires are getting worse. Here’s what to do about it.

Pixabay at Pexels

Whether we want to accept it or not, human industrial activities are warming the planet at an unprecedented rate. The Amazon rainforest is on fire, and so is California.

Many of us wish to deny the challenges we face, including those at the highest levels of government.  But we humans can be more intelligent than our actions show. We have the ability to embrace logic and confront reality, as long as we can overcome our egos and embrace our potential. But we have to act fast.

The state of California is especially vulnerable to global warming. Fire seasons are getting longer and fiercer. The state is in crisis. The traditional power company PG&E has been cutting off power to many Californians, hoping to prevent more infernos, while leaving over a million California residents in the dark.

Sadly, if we continue to rely on traditional sources of non-renewable energy, not only will we keep heating the planet like a furnace, we’ll be subject to the precautionary whims of companies like PG&E. But why worry about electric companies when we have a natural source of energy that is limitless, the sun!

Khanh Le at Pexels

California is one of the sunniest states in the US. Taking advantage of this resource is no longer a luxury. It’s a must.

Solar energy can help prevent wildfires because it doesn’t rely on high tension, high voltage power lines, which can get too hot, emit sparks, and ignite an  entire forest. Solar energy may also keep you out of the dark when the grid is no longer reliable.

This is why we at Sustainable Brilliance have partnered with Sunway Lighting LLC to deliver the highest quality solar lighting systems directly to your home, helping you save money and potentially earn tax credits.  Such a shift will gradually empower you with the energy independence you deserve.

Take a look at your Solar Street Moonlight. Just click on the image for more information.


Or click here to see an entire catalogue of  solar products, from lamps to floodlights and everything in between!

Times are changing. We can either get overwhelmed by what’s coming, or we can learn to adapt.

The choice is in our hands.



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The Eco-Revolution is Here. Guess Who’s Jumping Onboard.

Courtesy: The National Courier
Courtesy: The National Courier

As millions march the streets in cities around the world, putting world leaders on the spot for their inaction on human induced climate change, the founder and CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, announced a series of initiatives to lower his company’s enormous carbon footprint.

Amazon ships over ten billion items annually by way of trucks and planes, among the least fuel efficient vehicles out there. But starting in 2021, the company stated it will begin delivering packages by way of electric vans, of which it has already ordered 100,000.

The home delivery behemoth will also crank up its use of solar energy. By 2030, business will be conducted on 100% renewable energy, according to Bezos.

Amazon Shipping

This is a huge step for one of the world’s largest and most carbon intensive companies. As a result of its effects on the environment, a group of workers formed a coalition called Amazon Employees for Climate Justice, and they’re adamantly pushing the envelope to transform the company from a mere retailer into a  force for good.

As affiliates of Amazon, we at Sustainable Brilliance encourage Amazon’s customers to shop as eco-friendly as possible. The corporation is now offering a wide array of environmentally sustainable products that help customers reduce their impact on the planet.

Just click on the item to have anything from solar panels to fluorescent light bulbs to plant-based meat alternatives delivered to your home.

We are striving to show our readers the best path to protect our planet for generations to come, while encouraging our affiliate companies to reduce their carbon footprint and offer products that encourage customers to do likewise.

Thank you for reading.

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